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Micro Sim Cutter – Why use it?

Here is the situation, you are a proud owner of a mobile phone and is currently using a 3G sim card. However, you just purchased an iPad recently. The problem is you want to tap iPad’s 3G power through using a 3G sim card. We all know that a regular 3G sim card that you use on your mobile phone will not fit to the sim card slot of an iPad.

Now the question is what are you going to do? It’s either you are going to order a micro sim card from your mobile service provider or perhaps be more innovative and trim your ordinary sim card that it may look like a micro sim card. If you want to go for the second option, you can either use a regular cutter or a pair of scissors to this method. However, there is a greater possibility that the cut might be as precise as you want it to be. You might end up ruining your regular sized free sim cards at the end. This is where a micro sim cutter takes into the picture.

Micro sim cutter

The creator of micro sim cutter sees that there is a demand and need for this kind of device. This is so to help out a lot of people out there to convert their ordinary mobile phone sim card to a micro sim card so that they can insert the same sim card to their iPad and start unleashing its 3G power.

Why you should use a micro sim cutter instead of getting a new micro sim card? Well, it’s for the sake of saving you time of going to your mobile phone services to get a new sim card that would fit your iPad. At least, you need not to pay an extra cost in order to get a micro sim card. What you just did is to convert a regular looking sim card into a micro sim card that you can use in order to use iPad using 3G. Instead of using a pair of scissors or an ordinary cutter to trim down your sim card, with a micro sim cutter, you will be getting a more precise cut and your sim card would definitely fit right to the micro sim card slot.

Also, if you have other family members or friends who do have an iPad and a 3G sim card, you can help them out by letting them use your micro sim cutter. This would for sure save a lot of people their time and money at the end.



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