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Orange Sim Cards

Orange is a good network, They currently offer 400 free texts plus free music when you topup £10 on the Monkey plan.

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Giffgaff Sim Cards

Giffgaff is one of the less known UK mobile networks, At the moment they offer 250 mins as well as unlimited texts and web for only £10.

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O2 Sim Cards

Order a free O2 sim now and get unlimited calls and texts to O2 numbers when you top up £15 a month.

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Vodaphone Sim Cards

Vodaphone is a good network, They currently offer 1,000 free minutes of call time to anyone else who is on the same network when you topup £10. You also keep you credit.

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Free sim cards – Some information on them

Free sim cards are often offered by many if not all mobile providers in this day and age, However it is apparent that some shops still get away with selling them for between £1 - £5 each.


What networks current provide free sim cards?

There are currently several major UK networks that provide free sim cards. Some of the ones are listed below:

  • Vodafone
  • 02
  • T-mobile
  • Orange
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Tesco mobile
  • 3 or Three
  • ASDA mobile
  • Giffgaff


What does sim actually stand for?

What does sim actually stand for? to answer that question it stands for subscriber identity module. A sim is a portable and removable small card that stored data on it such as service subscriber key (IMSI) this is used to identify the subscriber of the mobile device. The sim lets its users easily change mobile phones by removing and placing the card from one phone to another.

Free Sim Cards

When was the first SIM card created?

The very first sim card was created in 1991 by Munich smart card maker, Who then went on to sell 300 sims to the operator "Radiolinja"


How big are sim cards?

Sim cards are usually 85.60mm in length, 53.98mm in width and 0.76mm in thickness. (this is a standard sim card size) How many people use mobile phones in the UK?

The population of the UK is 61,612,300 and the amount of mobile phones in the UK is 75,750,000. Overall this means that 122.9% of the population has mobile phones. This shows the popularity of mobiles and why we require free sim cards. (These statistics are from 2008!)


What type of data does a sim card hold?

A sim card stores network information which is then used to authenticate and recognise the subscriber of the network. A sim card stores other information such as the service providers name and messaging centre number.

  • SMS – Free sim cards also hold information such as your text messages.
  • Phonebook – Modern sim cards can usually store over 250 contacts.


How do i backup my old sim card and transfer it to a new one?

It’s always a huge pain when you get a new sim card, Messing around writing all your contact numbers down on a piece of paper or typing them up on a computer. Well with modern day technology it’s a hell of a lot easier to backup and transfer your sim card with a sim card reader.


Which mobile network is the best?

This is a question that only you can answer, All the networks have different ups and down so finding a suitable one for you is something only you can do. However if you really feel like you need some help you could always contact us.


Can I access all webstites with?

Well it depends, some casino websites are blocked by default. If you want to access legal online casinos even those with slot machines you will have no problems. If you need to find out which online casinos are available in your juristiction click here now


I live in Italy can I only access AAMS ADM Casinos?

You will be actually able to access all online casinos even those without an ADM licence. We do reccomned though that you only access casino adm from Italy


How many free sim cards can you order?

All mobile providers offer a different amount of free sim cards, For example 02 offer up to 4 free sim cards whilst T-Mobile offer a maximum of 2 free sim cards. Overall it’s a good idea to order only the amount you need however you could order some extra ones to give to your friends or family as a gift!

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