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Micro Sim Card – What is it?

Have you ever heard about micro sim card? For sure, you have some idea on how it looks within your imagination but never had the chance to really have a closer look at it. Here is one that would make you mind bubble – micro sim card functions like the usual sim card that we do use on our mobile phones but with a twist! It is a little bit smaller and that’s it!

Why on earth the micro sim card?

Now the question is why on earth we need a micro sim card when the regular sim card that we are using as of the moment does function well. There are no problems pertaining to it. Yes, this might be logical. Definitely, there is no need for micro sim card when our mobile phones are powered by using a regular sized sim card. Where will I use a micro sim card for? This is a good question. The answer, you would use this kind of sim card in order to unleash the 3G power of an iPad. Yes, you read it right. A micro sim card is used in order to be inserted into the sim card slot in an iPad.

Micro sim card

What is micro sim card? For some, they call this as the next new thing, new free sim cards that would be offered to the consumers. It is dubbed as a third form factor or commonly known as the 3FF. This means that a micro sim card is a bit smaller compared to the regular looking sim car. It has less blubber found right at the contact area (in gold color). If you are going to get hold of your mobile phone sim card and a micro sim card, you will notice that the contact are is of the same size. The huge advantage of micro sim card is you can store a lot of stuff into it. You will notice that your internal phonebook can store more numbers; you get more storage for your emails, among others.

Since the contact area between an old sim card and a micro one is the same plus they function the same way, there is an opportunity for you to basically cut your old sim card in to the size of a micro sim card and insert it right towards the micro sim slot. Therefore, there is no need for you to get a new sim card. All you need to do is to trim your old sim and make sure it is of the same size of a micro sim card.

The coolest part about this one is that there is device known as micro sim cutter which you can use to cut off a regular sized sim card to make it appear and look like a micro sim card. Thus, you will be 100% sure that your old sim card will fit perfectly right inside the micro sim slot of your iPad.


To finnish off on the micro sim card

With the birth of having iPads in the market, there has been a growing trend of using micro sim card to tap this cool gadget’s potential in order to capture what 3G has to offer. If you want to join in the craze, there are two possible things you can do – go get a cutter and trim your old sim card or get hold of a micro sim care. Either of the two will surely make you unleash the 3G power using your iPad.



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