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Pay as you go deals – An overview

Mobile services providers such O2, Orange, Vodaphone, and many more have been giving away cool deals to cater to the different needs of their users. Some are even offering free sim cards in order to attract more customers to use their services. pay as you go deals are by far one of the coolest deals there is in the world of mobile services.

To give you a brief idea with regard to what pay as you go deals is all about, read on.


Variety Of Choices For Phones

When it comes to pay as you go deals, mobile services providers do offer customers with an array of choices for phones. Aside from getting the best mobile services deals ever, you will get the chance to choose phones that you want coming from a particular mobile phone services provider.

You can choose from simple easy to use phones to smart and android phones. The choice depends upon your preference.


mobile phones

Text And Call Charges

Another aspect that you should be very cautious about knowing what goes with pay as you go deals would be the text and call charges. You need to at least know how much would it cost for you when you do the following: text messages, picture messages, video calling, video messages, and mobile internet usage locally and internationally. In this way, you will know how to budget your credit wisely. The worst thing that could happen is spending more money on credit instead of setting aside money on other important matters.


Getting Free Sim Cards

Mobile services provider do give away free sim card to their customers. No need paying a single pound in order to get and use one. This is the reason why there are a lot of subscribers who would go for pay as you go deals since they can get free sim card and whole lot more.



Most providers do offer customers with freebies as a way of saying thank you for sticking with us. Freebies can range from giving away free minutes of calls, free Internet hours, and additional credit on top of your existing credit. All these and more are what you will be getting when you get pay as you go deals from one mobile service provider in the country.

Bottom line, these pay as you go deals are perfect for those who do not want to be locked in for a period of 6 months, 1 year or 2 years as provided in the contract. When you have the money, all you need to do is top up your phone. If you are tight on a budget, no problem! You are not bound to keep on topping up since you are not under any contract at all.



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