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3G Sim Card – A Brief Introduction

Gone were the days wherein people in the UK were using Nokia 5110 or 3310 in order to text or call somebody here in the country or abroad. After more than a decade, mobile phones’ technology has changed rapidly. This has even get a lot better than the Stone Age. Imagine, you can now login to Facebook and other social networking sites using your phone, do video and picture messaging and even have video calling using one single phone. This is made possible by using the 3G sim card.

With 3G sim cards, you can almost do everything that you can do on your mobile phone like surfing the net, sending emails, reading ebooks, etc. Provided of course that your phone has the basic features to all these.

Is the 3G sim card expensive? In actuality, there are not. Most often mobile services provider are giving away these are free sim cards for people who want to get more out of their money by going for pay as you go deals. If ever they are sold by the providers, they cost at a minimal price not that expensive really.

The good thing about 3G sim cards is that you can use your phone even more aside from the usual call and text features. You can tap its potential and even bring mobile technology into a higher level than you can even imagine.


The following are the usual features offered by 3G sim card:

1. Internet access
2. Picture and video messaging
3. Camera and video capabilities
4. Access to the latest updates in the field of news, travel and sports
5. Free text messages, minutes of calls


iPhone 3G

There are two ways where you can get 3G sim cards, you can either get one out from a contract or as pay as you go deal from major mobile services providers. Most of these providers are offering great deals that would suit every person’s budget and needs. Whether you are a teenager, a young professional, a business executive or stay-at-home mom, there will always be that one 3G sim cards offer for you. All you have to do is to look around where you can get the best deals in town.

To conclude, if you are the type of person who loves using your phone and tapping its potential – getting hold of a 3G sim card is advisable. Now, you can check your emails, chat with your friends and post your status in Facebook even if you are mobile. No need to carry around heavy laptops or a desktop to do all these and more. Now, this is what we call technology as its best.



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